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Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo Stop Civilians Exit from Warzone

Terrorists in eastern part of Aleppo prevent civilians to exit from besieged part of Aleppo and reached to safe places under Syrian army and government control, warn them Syrian Army will kill you or accused civilians like You will join Assad Army and Kill us

Syrian Army Suspended its military operation against terrorist in Eastern Aleppo to create a Safe passage to exit of civilian from warzone but Reuters report quoted from fled people indicate that terrorists forcefully impede civilians' exit from war torn areas.

According to footage released by Reuters, Civilians in Aleppo Old City says rebels prevent them from fleeing as Syria's army pushed into the Old City.

In Aghuour neighborhood of Aleppo Old City a young civilian who introduces himself as Mohamed Tashtash says: "We own a building, we stayed on the ground floor. When we saw the army, we tried to go out but the rebels did not allow us."

Maher another civilian and Mohamed's Brother who could fled the war zone together says: "They said, the rebels said, 'you want to go with the army and join them in killing us'."

Mohamed adds: "The rebels told us, 'The army will kill you'."

According to Russian Defense Ministry's center for Syrian reconciliation in framework of suspended Syrian Military operation to facilitate exit of civilians from Aleppo war zone, 10,724 People including over 4,000 children Leave Aleppo Over Past Day.

Source: Al Alam

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