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Terrorists’ tools in West’s hands

Tehran, The US-led missile attack on Syria in the early hours of Saturday once again demonstrated that the Western powers, despite their claims, are in fact using terrorism as a tool to promote their regional goals.

As appears in the words of Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, whenever the US and its allies see terrorists losing ground, they appear in the scene to help them.

Whenever they see the Syrians get the upper-hand, putting terrorists on the verge of defeat, they attack Syria, Zarif said in a recent meeting with his British counterpart Boris Johnson, criticizing the West for its dual approaches.

The Saturday's missile attack on Syria conducted in a joint operation, involved by the United States, Britain and France, was a clear example of the dangerous approach adopted by the Western powers.

From a military point of view, the missile strike against Syria was futile: out of 103 Tomahawk smart cruise missiles fired at Syrian bases, 71 were intercepted and destroyed by the country's air defense systems and the rest that did hit their predetermined targets, destroyed already evacuated bases.

The Tomahawk missile attack produced no effects as long as the Syrian government, army and people are determined in their fight against terrorism. But they did exacerbate the crisis in a war-torn nation which for the past seven years has been involved in a fight against terrorists.

At the same time, the US-made smart cruise missiles provided the terrorists in Syria, remnants of Daesh (ISIS) and al Qaeda, with a breathing room, giving them an opportunity to restore morale on the verge of a final defeat.

The US-led attack on Syria was mounted based on a false claim by Washington and its allies that Damascus used chemical weapons against Syrians in Douma, a town about 10 km northeast of the center of the Syrian capital.

There is no evidence the Syrian government deployed chemical weapons against its own people, as alleged by the Western powers. Too, no international independent committee has so far looked into the issue to verify the case and surprisingly, a team of international experts invited by Syria to examine the case, arrived in the country hours after the attack.

Zarif said that the fact that the US-led attack on Syria was launched just hours before the arrival of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is questionable.

Past experience shows that using terrorists as a tool by the Western powers and adopting a dual policy in dealing with them is going to backfire; supporters of such an approach are going to pay the price, as in the first place Western citizens are the ones exposed to threats from the Takfiri terrorists.

While Saudi Arabia feels free to use deadly weapons supplied by the United States, Britain or France to go ahead with its genocidal attacks on Yemen, Western governments remain to act just like passive observers.

But unlike the Saudi allies in the West, the international community feels increasingly doubtful about the legitimacy of the claims made by the Western governments regarding their fight against terrorism.

Translated by: Reza Bahar

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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