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Terrorists Used Tunnels near Old Aleppo Citadel to Mortar Attacks

AL-ALAM News Crew following Syrian army unit in liberated areas in Aleppo Old City shows discovered tunnels used by terrorists, some of them have more than hundred meters in length and located under the Castle which terrorists have an overlooking view to the city of Aleppo and used these tunnels for Attack on civilian areas and Syrian army troops.

According to Alalam reporter Hossein Murtadha, these tunnels provided with lighting and ventilation system and have suitable room for movement of militants. Strategic position of these tunnels make terrorists power to repels Syrian Army Attacks.

Created holes in the tunnel direct overlooking view for militant to observe Syrian army Movement.

Pushing Back terrorists and liberating Aleppo Old City create a good passage for Civilian to flee from war zone by the help of Syrian army soldiers.

Source: Al Alam

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