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Thailand, Azerbaijan extradites 16 Iranian inmates

Tehran, Some 16 Iranian inmates, who had served years of their prison sentences in Thailand and Azerbaijan, have been extradited to Iran, according to Deputy Justice Minister for Human Rights and International Affairs Mahmoud Abbasi.

Speaking to IRNA on Friday, Abbasi said that the 16 inmates were extradited to serve the rest of their prison terms in Iran following negotiations made by Iranian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs with the Azeri and Thai sides.

He said that the extraditions were made over the past two days simultaneous with the beginning of the New Iranian Year.

Most of these people were convicted of drug trafficking, the official said.

He warned the Iranian people travelling to Central and East Asian countries about tough regulations for drug trafficking in these countries. There are heavy penalties even for [carrying] a few illegal drugs, freedom from which is impossible.

Last year, Iran extradited some 700 foreign imprisoners, mostly Afghan nationals, to serve the rest of their prison sentences in their home countries and some 400 Iranians being held in foreign countries, a large number of them in Turkmenistan, were extradited to Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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