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Thanking Tunisia’s good position in backing Tehran in int’l organisations, especially in dealing with US oppressive actions, sanctions

Appreciating the good positions of the Republic of Tunisia in supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran in international forums, especially in dealing with the oppressive actions and sanctions of the US government against Iran, the President expressed hope that relations between the two countries would develop and deepen in all fields.

Speaking on Tuesday while receiving the letter of credence of the new Tunisian Ambassador to Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani stated that the Republic of Tunisia, as a Muslim, brotherly, friendly and important country in Northern Africa, can be the gateway for the Islamic Republic of Iran to Northern Africa and Europe.

He stressed, "Tehran-Tunisia relations have been good and developing after the revolution in the country, and there is a sense of closeness between the two countries".

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of Tunisia to Tehran Mr Samir al-Mansour presented his credentials to the President, and said, "The Republic of Tunisia has a deep will and special attention to developing comprehensive relations with Iran as a friendly, brotherly and Muslim country, and Tunisia can serve as a platform for Iran's relations with Europe and Africa".

Referring to the historical relations between the two nations, he stated, "The Tunisian people have a special interest in Iran and we are ready to deepen bilateral relations at all levels".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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