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The New Commander Of NATO Mission In Iraq: A Secure And Prosperous Iraq Makes Our Countries Safer And More Prosperous

The new commander of the NATO mission operating in Iraq affirmed: "A secure and prosperous Iraq makes our countries more secure and prosperous."

Lieutenant General Jose Antonio said, during the official ceremony of replacing the leadership of the NATO mission operating in Iraq, today, Wednesday, in Baghdad, "Today, a Spanish commander assumes his mission as commander of the NATO mission in Iraq. There is no significant change in the work of the mission and continuity is the rule followed, and we continue what his predecessor started. ".

He explained, "All members of the alliance share the same goals and values. NATO was born because no single country could face the threats posed by external adversaries. Threats and adversaries have changed over the years, but the alliance has adapted to new challenges."

He added, "NATO consists of 31 countries and an increase of 10 countries that signed the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949, and this organization was originally intended to defend the countries located in the south of the North Atlantic, and NATO in Iraq came according to the request of its government to support the reform of the security sector," noting that " The mission is not of a combat nature, but rather to provide advice and deal with the same problems we face."

He continued, addressing the audience, "Iraqi colleagues, you have your own history, culture, and systems. It is up to the Iraqis to organize their own sector by adapting our advice to their own circumstances. We offer you the opportunity by learning from our experience. The support we provide to Iraq is also beneficial to NATO members. We all live in a world where risks cannot be limited to one country or region without others.

The new European leader stressed: "A secure and prosperous Iraq makes our countries more secure and prosperous, and providing advice is the main task of the NATO mission in Iraq."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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