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Those fueling US war against Iran will regret

Tehran, Iran's ambassador to Baghdad said though the crisis between Tehran and Washington is nothing very serious, those stimulating the US to attack Iran will regret.

"Iran has gone through various sanctions and boycotts but has broken them victoriously, so Iran is ready for any kind of crisis", said Iraj Masjedi, in an interview with the Dohabased Aljazeera television.

The US has violated all the deals it had with Iran, Masjedi said, and added that if the US wants to solve the current crisis, they need to put aside the language of threat and return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He said Iran will never choose nonpeaceful tools and will never negotiate with the US under conditions of sanction; Iran is not after war and is sure that the US is not after war, either, because the war will be destructive to them. The world should know US President Donald Trump is responsible for that; Iran will never let go of its interests and give in.

Regarding some certain regional countries that provoke the US to attack Iran, he said, "Both the US and its regional allies that favor war with Iran will all face the danger of war."

If there is a war, the US will start it, not Iran; but Iran will have its fate in its hands and will impose a big historical defeat on the US and its allies.

Regarding the JCPOA, he said that the deal included commitments for all parties; the US withdrew from it.

If Europe stays committed to the deal, Iran will stick to it too, but if they are not committed to it, Iran will lessen its commitments, he said.

Iran gave the Europeans a chance, which was actually the message to everyone that Iran cannot be more patient and will reduce its commitments to the deal if they are not committed to the international deal.

Commenting on Baghdad's stance regarding the tensions between the US and Iran, he said that Iraq and Iran are neighboring countries and naturally Tehran expects Baghdad to support it, but Iranian government doesn't want to push Iraq into Tehran's trouble with the US; therefore, Iran welcomes Iraq's attempts to reduce the tension.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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