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Three-year plan to rebuild Iraq’s electricity industry formulated

Tehran, Iran's Minister of Energy says a three-year plan to rebuild the Iraqi power industry has been formulated which will increase Iraq's power generation capacity by 30 percent.

Three-year plan to rebuild Iraq and #39;s electricity industry formulated

Addressing Iran-Iraq Business Conference held in Iran's Chamber of Commerce on Sunday, Reza Ardakanian while outlining some principles of the three-year plan to rebuild the Iraqi power industry, said with the implementation of this program, in three years, Iraqi power losses are reduced from 50 percent to 20 percent which means a 30 percent increase in the country's electricity generation capacity.

According to the Minister of Energy, the reconstruction of Iraq's existing power plants, the training of manpower and the construction of equipment manufacturing factories are among the other goals set out in the three-year plan that the implementation of this program is dependent on private sector cooperation and expressed the hope that the manufacturing and management companies participate in this program.

Ardakanian emphasized that within this three-year period, whenever it is necessary to export electricity to Iraq, it will be carried out within the framework of the export contract.

The minister added that Iran's vision of contributing to the reconstruction of Iraq is far from a look at the market in the area. Other countries are only looking for the Iraqi market, but the look of Iran is very different.

In another part of his remarks, he said, 'Each development program needs infrastructure, and the power industry plays a decisive role in the realization of these programs.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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