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Today arrogant powers’ policy is to make Iran another Andaluces

Today, the policy on Iran is the same policy that was carried out with respect to Andalusia. Once Muslims established an Islamic country in southern Europe, in the region that is present-day Spain. This country, which extended as far as southern France, became the cradle of civilization.

The fact is that science in Europe originated from the civilization in Andalusia. This is something the Westerners have acknowledged themselves, although some of them are now trying to remove this page from the history of science!

When Europeans decided to retake Andalusia, they formulated a long-term policy. They began to corrupt Muslim youngsters. One of the measures that they took to achieve this aim was to bequeath vineyards so that the wine produced from them would be distributed to the youth for free! They also encouraged youngsters to indulge in sensual pleasures and give free rein to their carnal desires!

The passage of time will not change such policies on corrupting nations, and the enemies are following the same policies even today. But they are also pursuing certain economic, cultural, and political objectives.

[...]Further, the enemies hold a grudge against Islamic ideology, since it has challenged the ideology of Western schools of thought and impugned liberal democracy, which is the hoisted banner of the West.

Islamic ideology infuses Muslim nations with courage, energy, and the will to defend and maintain their independence. This phenomenon has been quite evident in one of the most important and strategic parts of the world, which is rich in oil and other mineral resources.�This is why Islam is, today, the target of plots and hostility of the arrogant powers.

Source: Khamenei.ir

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