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Traditional games, a potential for drawing tourists

Tehran, An Iranian English-language newspaper in a report on Saturday stressed the significant role played by traditional games in demonstrating cultural identity of any region.

According to 'Iran Daily', traditional games demonstrate the identity, culture and climatic conditions of each region and Iran with its climatic and ethnic diversity, has been home to numerous games and entertainments since olden times.

The following is the paper's report on the Iranian traditional games, especially in the western parts of the country:

Lorestan [Peovince]

Games prevalent across western province of Lorestan are divided into group, individual and mind games.

Holding rural sport and traditional game festival is the best opportunity to revive the ancient culture of Lorestan.

The festival was recently held in Masoudabad Village, Azna, Lorestan Province.

Secretary of Lorestan Local Games and Rural Sports Ali Mohammad Panjipour said, We annually hold local games across the province to introduce Lorestan culture via local and sport fields.

We also launch nomadic tent and offer traditional bread, dough (an Iranian drinking yoghurt type) and ash (pottage/thick soup) and perform local music on the sidelines of the games to draw more tourists.

He added that all participating teams should wear local garment to introduce their culture and civilization.

Traditional games have been neglected due to the spread of flashy toys, electronic games and indifference of cultural institutions. This is while living in small apartments and changes in living conditions do not justify this shortfall, as traditional games can be played at any place and at any time with the least means and facilities.

These games can bring the people belonging to three different generations together and make it an enjoyable experience, CHN wrote.

Children can also be made familiar with traditional games in their sports classes. However, teachers are themselves not familiar with such games while the Education Ministry does not feel obliged to teach children such games.

5,000 local games

The existence of over 5,000 games in different regions of the country is proof of the diversity of traditional games. Research has shown the efficacy of using local games in training and empowering children and enhancing their social skills.

Some of them like Asia Becharkh, Laylay, Gorgam be Hava and Haft Sang make the children run, jump and leap. Therefore, they increase the body's metabolism and engage the muscles.

Numerous books have been compiled and written for introducing and reviving the local games.

Traditional games are part of Iranian culture and should be included in the sports program of schools and universities, as they help strengthen the physical, mental, social and cultural aspects of players.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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