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Tremendous Risks from ISIS: Amnesty Int’l Warns White Phosphorus Used in Mosul

White phosphorus munitions used in Islamic State-held Mosul by Iraqi forces pose a grave danger to civilians, as their scattered remains can cause horrific burns all the way to the bones, a senior Amnesty International adviser said.

While white phosphorous is said to be a useful tool aiding the Iraqi forces during their advance on ISIS stronghold of Mosul, it may cause more harm than good on the ground, Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty International, told RT.

People trapped in Mosul are likely to start fleeing the city, taking the eastern road covered with half-burned white phosphorous munitions which may ignite again and hurt civilians who come into contact with the chemical.

We are aware that civilians face tremendous risks from ISIS, of being caught in the middle of the fighting. There are mines planted by ISIS. [But our concern is] that civilians leaving Mosul eastward may get hurt by parts of white phosphorus munitions, Rovera said.

White phosphorus can leave severe burns, penetrating through the skin, muscles and bones, she explained.

The adviser noted that the use of the toxic weapon was seemingly justified, but the manner in which the substance is being used sparks concerns, RT reported.

Source: Al Alam

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