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Trump counting on Arabs’ ATM for partioning Syria

Tehran, Rai al-Youm newspaper wrote on Monday that US President Donald Trump, who is treating his Arab regional allies as bank ATMs, has counted on Arab states' money for flaring up the tensions and partitioning the northern areas of Syria.

Trump announcing a cut of $ 230 million annual aid to northeast Syria and ordering Saudi Arabia and the UAE to pay a large portion of this amount.

Saudi Arabia is expected to pay $100 million and the UAE $50 million to spend on rebuilding the eastern Euphrates areas of the Kurdish Democratic Forces and tribal militias and possibly arming them, the daily noted.

The newspaper noted, the US decision to force the Persian Gulf states to pay the costs is for disrupting the Kurdish Democratic forces' dialogue with central government and flare up the fighting again in the country especially the progress in talks between Syria' arm forces with Kurdish Democratic forces, because Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview last month said that Kurdish-dominated areas would return to the Syrian government peacefully or militarily.

Rai al-youm underlined that the Trump administation wants to isolate the eastern Euphrates from the rest of the region which is a strategic region in terms of the availability of oil and gas resources for Syria and make two independent regions-one a Kurdish and the other the tribal Arabic-and sent Saudi and UAE forces to protect the areas in Syria to replace the American forces that leave the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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