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Trump fanning flame of US riots if not elected

Tehran Incumbent president's statement that he will declare vote-rigging if the outcome of the US election on November 3 indicated victory for the rival candidate and the aftermath reaction on New York streets by his supporters gave momentum to prospects of riots in the United States after November 3.

US media are publishing news about security measures being increased. ABC News has said that the security of White House is being improved due to the probable street riots.

Observers and media outlets believe that the US may experience unrest following the elections. On the one hand, some people have bought up guns; and on the other hand, security forces are contemplating how to counter possible riots in the aftermath of the elections.

The election that has affected the US political atmosphere more than ever will be held in three days. But, as it turns out, the determination of the president will not be an end to the campaign. Everything is ready for widespread unrest in the US.

The election is being held with hostility between political parties and social confusion, which according to NBC will make it difficult for the police to keep the order.

The presidential election is being not long after the killing of the two black people – George Floyd and teenage Walter Wallace Jr. – by the US police, which triggered widespread anti-racism protests in the US. US President Donald Trump’s reaction to these protests made the situation to heat up.

Trump’s implication that he will not accept the results of the elections if not elected increases the probability of the unrest.

In a campaign speech in Michigan, Trump even predicted that his opponent Joe Biden will be assassinated after three weeks in presidential office and then Kamala Harris will replace him.

Such evidence shows that the US is like barrel of gunpowder and just a spark is more than enough to blow it up.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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