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Trump forced to retreat from Iran’s oil sanctions: MP

Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament says countries know that if Iran's oil is not sold, its price will rise to more than $ 120, so they do not want oil sanctions against Iran to be implemented and, accordingly, they forced the US president Donald Trump to retreat.

Commenting on the US' sanctions and its withdrawal from the sanctions, especially the sanctions of Iranian oil purchases, Seyyid Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said on Friday that the US sanctions, especially in the ones concerning Iranian oil purchases, are not feasible and countries do not adhere to it.

'The economies of most countries are dependent on oil, and they themselves know that if Iran does not sell oil, it will cost more than $ 120, so countries do not want sanctions to be implemented,' he said.

The MP, emphasizing that the sanctions system does not affect the economic area of the country in the current situation, said, 'Americans themselves, who talked about universal sanctions and zeroing Iran's oil purchases, retreated from their position that this meant the failure of the US sanctions policies against Iran.'

He added that many countries did not comply with the US sanctions on Iran and did not even wait for them to be in exemption list of the United States, saying that they would not obey and buy oil.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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