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Trump not worthy of negotiating with: Iran Intel. Min.

Zanjan, The superficial US President Donald Trump had not realized that even if one day Iran wants to sit at negotiation table, it would not be with him, inasmuch as he is not worth negotiating with, said Iranian minister of intelligence.

'US president is deluded to think that the pressures will bring the Iranian people to their knees,' said Mahmoud Alavi on late Monday evening in a mosque in Zanjan, Zanjan Province, 300 kilometers northwest of Tehran.

'Iranian people will powerfully stand against arrogance and will slap the enemies on the face.'

Hoping to see the enemies defeated with Iranians' resistance and the Supreme Leader's leadership, Alavi said, 'Iran has become the role model for all the freedom seekers of the world and the Resistance.'

Quoting Late Imam Khomeini as saying, 'The [Islamic] Revolution gave Iran the opportunity to make decisions in Tehran, not Washington,' he added it is very abject that other countries decide for one country.

He also quoted Imam Ali (AS) as saying, 'Dying with pride is better than living with disgrace.'

Earlier on the day, Alavi had visited the family of a martyred defender of holy shrines.

He highly praised the martyrs and said that the martyred defenders of the Holy Shrines have passed through the frameworks of geography and were martyred for the values on foreign soil; therefore, they are especially valuable.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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