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Trump paving way for normal diplomatic ZionistArab ties: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Pakistan's former foreign secretary says US President Donald Trump is pursuing a policy in the Middle East to pave the way for normal diplomatic ties between Zionist regime and Arab states.

Najmuddin A. Shaikh in his article published in Dawn on Friday said abandonment of the longsettled US policy on Palestine and Syria, formal recognition of Zionist's annexation of the Golan Heights and formal endorsement of Zionist's intent of annexing illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank explain that support for illegitimate Israeli regime has been part of Trump's creed.

However, there is in my mind the vision that partnering with Israel in confronting Iran would help create conditions in which the Arabs would join Israel formally in the Middle East Security Alliance that seems to be part of the plan that Trump's point man for the Middle East, Jared Kushner, would present for a regional settlement, he viewed.

Head of Global and Regional Studies Centre said if one looks at other actions the Trump administration has or is taking or is likely to take around the world, it appears that apart from the 'America first' mantra, securing a victory against Iran is the driving force.

He added for Pakistan, it is important that what Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Hassan Rouhani agreed upon is implemented.

Trade that was agreed upon is all food and humanitarian relief related and will not be affected, he said.

The analyst said border security is important to both and both countries should work closely to secure border and stop the terrorist elements from exploiting the border region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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