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United States President Donald Trump says is possible for him to meet with his Iranian counterpart, President Hassan Rouhani later, at the United Nations which will convene its 73rd General Assembly session later this month.

Speaking to the media before a bilateral meeting with Kuwait's visiting Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, at the White House Wednesday, Trump said "anything is possible" regarding the meeting with Rouhani.

"Whether they want to talk or not, that's up to them, not up to me," he said. "I will always be available ... we'll see what happens."

Trump said on July 30 that he was ready to meet with Rouhani without preconditions.

"I'd meet with anybody. I believe in meeting," Trump said. "They want to meet, I'll meet. Any time they want. Good for the country. Good for them. Good for us. And good for the world."

However, the United States in August re-imposed sanctions on Iran which had been suspended under a landmark 2015 nuclear deal.

Rouhani said in response that the Iranians would make the United States "regretful" for its renewal of sanctions.

He also said that the US administration "is not trustworthy for any negotiations" after its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, since "negotiations with sanctions don't make sense".

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also said that any negotiation with the United States to solve the existing problems is an "obvious mistake".

US-Iranian relations have been at odds as the Trump Administration left the historic Iran nuclear deal, delegitimized its government, vowed to re-impose sanctions on the nation and pressed other nations to cut down their purchase of Iranian oil to zero.


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