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Trump unable to restore Saudi crown prince’s reputation: Analyst

Beirut, The negative atmosphere formed against the Saudi crown prince cannot be put right with the attempts of the US president, a Lebanese journalist told IRNA in an interview.

'Donald Trump's attempts are all in vain; and that's partly because of Turkey's constant revelations, partly due to the attempts made by the media, especially Washington Post, and partly due to CIA's reports,' said Ali Morad.

Morad said that the US Congress has openly announced that the US power centers want Mohammad bin Salman removed from his position.

'US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense James Mattis defended ben Salman in the Senate, but it was undeniably obvious that the Senate was not convinced, but they are afraid of the Zionist lobby.'

Morad added that Trump has the same opinion and quoted him as saying, Israel would be in a big trouble without Saudi Arabia.'

Pompoe said the same thing. He had said that if bin Salman is removed, it will have a negative effect on the US and Israel's security, so any harm to him is harm to the US ally.

Morad said that the support the US has for ben Salman is because of the role he is going to play in the Deal of the Century.

'Even if the Saudi crown prince stays in power, he wouldn't be the same person that has ruled in the past three years.'

'An example is how he was treated in Argentina summit Now, the clash between power centers in the US and Trump will decide if bin Salman stays or leaves.'

Answering a question about the reasons why the US president tries to keep ties with bin Salman, Morad said that it might be due to the financial benefits the US can gain from Saudi Arabia.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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