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Trump’s State of the Union address unfolds US divisions

Tehran, Feb 1, The US presidents in their first annual speech try to lay grounds for more unity in the society, but analysts believe that Donald Trump's speech on Tuesday brought to light the fault lines in the American society.

Trump delivered his maiden State of the Union speech to the Congressmen about the general state of the US as well as the White House's agenda for 2018.

Trump in his address made a foray to various foreign and internal issues in economy and politic spheres. The speech was followed by various reactions and analyses, particularly in the American media.

According to a poll by CNN, only 48% of Americans who watched President Trump's address evaluated it as a 'very positive' impression of the speech. The figure, however, fell 9 points from the poll done on Obama's first State of the Union speech.

CNBC, another American television, reported that 'the two parties displayed their divisions with nearly every punch line in President Trump's State of the Union address. Republican lawmakers applauded; Democrats did not.'

It also reported that the 'the fault line within Trump's GOP separates the party's growing constituency among white working-class voters from more-affluent, pro-business supporters.'

According to CNBC, Trump who is facing rising accusations of racism, claimed that African-American unemployment has dropped to its lowest-ever level under his administration.

Other western media, such as Reuters and Guardian, also reported the division in Trump's audience reaction. According to Reuters, after his remarks on the lowering African-American unemployment, 'Republican lawmakers, who are mainly white, applauded and yelled loudly, while Congressional Black Caucus members, all Democrats, sat stone-faced.'

Guardian in a report titled 'Trump State of the Union address promised unity but emphasized discord' wrote that 'the president's 'new American moment' speech stirred Republican applause while Democrats showed thinly disguised contempt.'

The president also ironically took the credidt for overcoming the threat of terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria by saying that 'I am proud to report that the coalition to defeat ISIS has liberated almost 100 percent of the territory once held by these killers in Iraq and Syria.'

Media also noted that Trump who has not a good record in removing racial discrimination, did not say a word on the issue.

He also avoided the controversial issue of the Russia meddling in the US presidential election.

Source: Iran Republic News Agency

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