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Trump’s Support for EU Break-Up Would Be ‘Non-Military Declaration of War’

According to the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Trump's support of Eurosceptic sentiments in the EU would lead to a non-military conflict between Washington and Brussels.

Possible further US President Donald Trump's support of Eurosceptic sentiments in the European Union would lead to a non-military conflict between Washington and Brussels, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger told the Deutsche Welle broadcaster Friday.

Is President Trump going to continue a tradition of a half of a century of being supportive of the project of the European integration or is he going to continue to advocate EU member countries to follow the Brexit example? If he did that, that would amount to a kind of a non-military declaration of war. It would mean conflict between Europe and the United States. Is that what the US wants? Ischinger said.

According to the MSC chairman, such policy of Trump would result in a conflict between the two parties that are each other's most important trade and investment partners.

I hope that we will be hearing from the United States that they understand that Europe is going to be the best partner for the Trump administration in trying to make America great again, Ischinger added.

Last month, Trump welcomed the British decision on leaving the bloc, which caused negative reaction in the European Union with then French presidential candidate Manuel Valls also calling Trump's statements a declaration of war on Europe.

Source: Al Alam

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