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Tump’s ‘racist’ attacks against congresswomen seeks to galvanize his bases: US politician

New York, The recent verbal attacks by US President Donald Trump against four congresswomen of color are meant to satisfy his electoral base.

Trump uses such blatant racist language as to telling congresswomen of color to leave the US for two reasons. First and foremost, he is expressing his most basic beliefs that are founded in racism and white supremacy, Myles Hoenig, 2016 Green Party candidate for the US House, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an exclusive interview.

The second reason is because it is red meat for his base, as they are the only ones who support him, even if they are a minority of the population, but still notable, he added.

Hoenig mentioned that Trump himself has a long history of racism. "He's also known as calling for the death penalty for the tragic incident in 1989 when five assailants attacked a young girl and harassed her in the Central Park of New York, but the have been exonerated of a brutal rape. Trump has refused to apologize for his slanderous and hysteriadriven campaign against them. There are obviously so many other examples with regard to his position on immigration, such as preferring Norwegians (white) rather than Central Americans (people of color), he noted.

The US politician warned that political and social tensions seem higher now than it has been in decades, even when the US has been engaged in its usual wars of aggression.

On another level it's a preview of their campaign for 2020. This rhetoric will not win over any Independents, but simply galvanize his base. If he were to lose, he would have a very strong core of constituents who would readily take orders from him to take to the streets to fight what he would call the theft of his presidency, according to him who warned that building up hate, as he does, would also serve him well if the Democrats ever develop a spine and impeach him, and for the same reasons as for launching a race based campaign.

This will be an interesting, yet frightening campaign. To galvanize his base, race will be central to his campaign as a way to rile up his base, he warned.

Trump ignited controversy last weekend when he tweeted that the four lawmakers, who are all women of color, should go back to where they came from if they do not like the United States.

Three of the lawmakers U.S. Representatives Alexandria OcasioCortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan were born in the United States. Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota came as a refugee from Somalia and is a naturalized citizen.

The firstterm congresswomen, known as the squad, have been highly critical of Trump and have also challenged their own Democratic leadership. Tlaib and Omar have been outspoken critics of Israel's government.

Answering IRNA's question why Trump demanded their apology to the US and Israel, Hoenig mentioned that two of 'The Squad' have been particularly vocal in their support of Palestinian rights, as Tlaib herself is of Palestinian heritage, so this is one way of creating a wedge between them and the party as well as between them and the Jewish constituents of the Democratic Party.

Large Jewish donors may be reluctant to support the Democratic nominee if the party establishment does not force this group to tone down their support for Palestine and their opposition to Israel, Hoenig said.

But times are changing and more and more Jewish voters, especially younger ones who see 'The Squad' as heroes, are distancing themselves from Israel and supporting Palestinian rights. BDS is an example of the generational divide in the Jewish community and Omar has called for a resolution to oppose restrictions on free speech related to boycotts. This, too, is opposed by the Democratic Party establishment, according to the Green Party politician.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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