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Turkey calls for removal of trade barriers with Iran

Tehran, Turkish ambassador to Iran stressed that if some of the obstacles imposed by Iran were to be removed, Turkish businessmen and investors would be keen to come to Iran.

'The obstacles facing Turkish investors, which are often related to Iran's regulations, should be resolved,' Derya Ors said on Saturday at a meeting with Tehran's governor.

'Turkish merchants are now well represented in Iran and have invested in units such as Razi and Pars Hayat petrochemicals,' he said.

Ors went on to say that the existing barriers to Turkish investment in Iran are more in keeping with the rules that prevent investors from investing in some of the issues.

The Turkish ambassador in Iran said: 'These issues are regularly reviewed by the two governments on the negotiating table, and all the doors are open for negotiations. He noted that this summer, the joint economic commission between Iran and Turkey will be held this summer or fall this year, and members will discuss all the existing problems and solutions for removing obstacles.

The Turkish ambassador underlined, 'These issues are regularly reviewed by the two governments on the negotiating table, and all doors for negotiations and meetings are open, and in the summer or fall of this year, the Joint Economic Commission between Iran and Turkey will be held and the members will discuss all Problems and barriers.

'If the two big and powerful countries of the region get in touch and work together, using all the capabilities of the two countries, the trade and economic relations between them will be better than what is now.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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