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Turkey lauds Iran progress in Geomatics field

Tehran, The Chief of Geodesy Branch of Turkey Ali Ihsan Kurt praised Iran's progress in geomatics field.

Kurt made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sidelines of the 2nd Meeting of ECO Geomatics Committee held from August 27-28 in Tehran.

Appreciating Cartographic Center (NCC) for hosting the meeting, he said 'After holding the second meeting in Ankara organized by Turkey the Geomatics Committee was established and within this committee two courses were organized by NCC about unification of height datums that was also good for the activities in Geomatics fields.'

'I now believe that with new proposals from Turkey and other countries these activities will be enhanced.'

Commenting on this field in which Iran has achieved success he said 'As I am an expert on geodesy I can evaluate that Iran is very good at geodesy activities and also I have recognized that photogrammetric and cartographic activities have developed very well compared to those in other parts of the world.

In response to a question whether Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has reached its goals, Kurt said 'As regard regional activities maybe not this time but these activities need more time.'

'It requires countries to gather together to see what could be done in this field,' he reiterated.

Elsewhere in his remarks the Turkish official referred to measures taken by Turkey as a neighboring country to develop ties with Iran, saying 'We can exchange data and unify our height datums by making some measurement along the borderlines. We can define and offset our height datums and that of Iran which will be a good practice in this case.'

The 2nd Meeting of ECO Geomatics Committee was held with the participation of representatives of the member states.

The first round of the event was held three years ago attended by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey and ECO secretariat in Tehran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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