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Turkey: US sanctions against Iran illegitimate

Tehran, Turkey believes that the US unilateral sanction on Iran are neither legitimate nor productive, Turkey's envoy said on Sunday.

In the past years, when the US had imposed harsh sanctions on Iran, Ankara stood beside Tehran since Iran is an important country to Turkey, and they share many political, security and military interests with each other, Hakan Tekin said.

Referring to US President Donald Trump unilateralism in various spheres, the diplomat said it is not only Turkey, but the other countries are also trying to find ways to minimize the effects of sanctions.

Attempts to isolate Iran will not be productive, he said, adding that Turkey has already expressed the view to the US officials.

As to Syrian crisis, Ambassador Tekin said there was no military solution for the crisis, and affirmed that his country is not seeking long-term presence in Syria.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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