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Turkey’s investment in Iran’s Azarbaijan 2.5 times higher

Tehran, The number of Turkish firms in Iran's East Azarbaijan Province has been doubled in three years with an increase of investment from 100 to 250 million dollars, Turkey's Consul General in Tabriz said.

Referring to a recent trade conference held by Turkey and Tabriz, Caglar Fahri Cakiralp in a press conference said on Sunday, 'Sixty-five investors from major cities of Turkey as well as trade officials from chamber of commerce, contractors and tourism agencies, attended the forum in Tabriz and visited Aras Free Trade Zone.

Having increased its investment and business since three years ago, Turkey is the main trade partner of Iran in the region, the diplomat said.

The bilateral relations of the two countries are based on good neighbor policy, he said noting that Ankara maintained its political and economic relations with Iran at the highest level throughout the sanctions era, before the nuclear deal.

Iran and Turkey's interests lie on the two countries' security, and no third party can harm their bilateral ties, Ambassador Tekin said.

'The two countries, whose friendly relations date back to hundreds of years ago, have always been beside each other in difficult times,' he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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