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Turkish Army Hits ISIS Positions in Northern Syria

The General Staff of the Turkish army said on Tuesday that the country's army continued to target ISIS positions in Northern Aleppo, killing at least 18 militants and destroying 150 targets in the Euphrates Shield Operation.

"Yesterday 18 ISIS militants were killed and 150 targets were destroyed in the Turkish forces' attacks on ISIL's positions in al-Bab town," the General Staff said.

Reports said also on Monday that 22 ISIL fighters were killed and over 111 positions of them were destroyed in another operation of Turkish troops near the militant-held town of al-Bab.

The Turkish army announced in a statement on Monday that the Russian and Turkish warplanes carried out several joint combat flights over ISIL's concentration centers in the town of al-Bab.

The statement said that the Russian fighter jets bombed ISIL's positions in al-Bab another time to support the Euphrates Shield Operation started by Ankara in August.

Ankara's statement went on to say that Turkish and Russian fighter jets carried out joint aerial operation against ISIL's centers in al-Bab on the first day of 2017, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam News Network

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