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Turkish media official: OANA Summit very successful

Ankara, Deputy head of the Anatolian news agency of Turkey Metin Muatanoglu, described the 43nd meeting of the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) in Tehran as successful.

Muatanoglu on Saturday commended IRNA news agency for best hosting and organizing the meeting, adding that at this summit we had put forward suggestions on how to unite for the greater impact of OANA member news agencies.

He noted that the agreement on cooperation between the Anatolian news agency and IRNA as the official news agency of Iran and Yonhap, the official news agency of South Korea on the sidelines of the Tehran summit, was very important for his media and his country and called for implementation of the provisions of the proposed cooperation with IRNA.

Muatanoglu noted, 'Like any other member, IRNA can be a candidate of the presidency of this organization, which is predicted in the OANA's democratic structure.'

He assessed the nomination of IRNA and other members of OANA for the presidency of the period from 2022 to 2025 as positive, and said, 'This is also important for demonstrating the democratic structure of this institution.'

Anatolian news agency deputy said, 'In addition, I think it is very useful for international media institutions to be nominated for OANA management by agencies that have not previously chaired the agency.

He stated,'During my visit to Tehran, I realized that life in Iran continued in its natural direction, and once again I saw the hospitality of the people of Iran, and I expect sanctions against Iran as soon as possible canceled and the lives of the Iranian people returns to normal situation.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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