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Turkish Speaker: In fighting terrorism, double standards prohibited

Tehran, The Turkish Parliament Speaker Binali Yildrim said in fighting terrorism all states had to be united and cooperative and avoid double standards.

'The world faces war, hunger, terrorism, intervention and natural disasters today,' Yildrim said on Saturday addressing the second conference of the Parliamentary Speakers of of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, China, China and Russia and Turkey.

The problems between countries affect the international system directly, he continued.

'Terrorism is not just limited to the Middle East region, and it has global nature which with allout cooperation, we can eradicate the effects of terrorism,' the Turkish Parliament Speaker pointed out.

Yildrim noted, 'Today, in Tehran we are witnessing the second conference on combating terrorism, which we are trying to achieve in line with the objectives of the fight against terrorism.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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