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Turkmenistan invites Iran investors to help complete transformation industries

Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan's Deputy Head of Turkmen Gas Consortium Aqmorad Chariv invited investors from the Caspian littoral states, including Iran, to participate in completing the transforming industry of natural gas into petrochemicals in the country as soon as possible.

Referring to the launch of the first and largest oil and gas refinery in the world, which was launched with the help of Japanese and Turkish investors, he said on Saturday evening at a news conference in Ashgabat that the country also has on its agenda launching a wider project to turn gas into petrochemical products, which will be primarily dependent on investment by the Caspian sea littoral states.

With the emphasis on the importance of hydrocarbon sources in the world and its abundance in Turkmenistan, Chariv urged investors in the energy sector of Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to participate in the country's oil and gas projects.

He underlined the country's demand for petrochemical products such as methanol, polyacryl, polypropylene and other basic petrochemical products and their role in the country's comprehensive industrial development announced a plan to carry out studies to launch an important project to convert liquid gas to methanol in the Dashoguz region that it will contribute to the supply of one million tons of methanol.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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