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Turkmenistan, Iran’s concordant neighbor

Tehran, Iranian Ambassador to Turkmenistan Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi described the Turkmen nation as a noble and empathetic people with the Iranian nation, saying that this is the reason why the border between Iran and Turkmenistan has always been the safest borders in the region and indeed the border of peace and friendship.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Ashgabat, the diplomat said that the main reason for the friendship between the two nations and the government of Iran and Turkmenistan was their mutual trust and noted that So far, this mutual trust has caused them with the appreciation of good neighborliness and sympathy to provide great opportunities for cooperation.

Ambassador of Iran in Ashgabat stated, This mutual trust and sympathy between the nation and the governments of the two countries has led them not to be distanced in the sensitive political and economic conditions of their historical life; an act that Iranians appreciate and Turkmen government as well acknowledges that Tehran has not abandoned them in the most sensitive times of their life.

Ahmadi assessed one of the reasons behind this sympathy and historical cooperation based on mutual trust the existence of the cultural and historical commonalities between the two peoples of Iran and Turkmenistan, and underscored, Before addressing the common political and economic approaches of the two countries, we must emphasize that the common culture of Iran and Turkmenistan has played a significant role in strengthening allout political, economic, commercial, and especially cultural relations of the two countries.

The veteran Iranian diplomat, who has previously held various positions in the domestic politics of the country, went on to say that the existence of joint cultural figures in the two countries is one of the areas of cultural and intellectual connection between the two nations, which annually attracts the other side.

The ambassador referred to the Turkmen people of Iran in the provinces of Golestan and the northern Khorasan as one of these commonalities and said, Peaceful life of this people with a population of about 800,000 on the common border of the two countries is of the common points between two countries that have historically played a valuable role in cultural, artistic and sport exchanges between the two countries.

The Ambassador of Iran in Ashgabat also called one of the ways to develop the bilateral relationship between Tehran and Ashgabat as the establishment of media cooperation between the two countries, and emphasized that the only way to strengthen this sector was to avoid the publication of fake news by two sides.

Pointing out that the border with Iran has always been a frontier of peace and friendship, Ahmadi underlined, We must not forget that the Turkmen government has repeatedly stated in the regional political and security crises that it does not allow any country to use its soil against Iran and even they have not accompanied any opposition or ethnic group in Iran and will not.

On the economic cooperation between to countries, the diplomat also reiterated that Turkmenistan is still the first partner of Iran in Central Asia and the Caucasus, because we have, even in the current situation, got $5 billion in trade with this country, which of course the bulk of it is gas.

Ahmadi said, Of course, since Iran has become selfsufficient in gas, it does not import gas from other countries, but it is still an importer of electricity from Turkmenistan, and that's why we trade about $ 1 billion annually with Turkmenistan which share of Iran is much higher.

The Iranian ambassador to Ashgabat also went on to say that another advantage of the positive interaction with Turkmenistan is that the northern neighbor of Iran is a gateway for Iran to Central Asia, which is why it has a good transit advantage that Iran can reach through four joint border cross points of Lotf Abad, Inche Bouron, Bajgiran and Sarakhs, commodity will be exported to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ahmadi also noted the level of interactions and exchanges between the political and economic delegations of the two countries, as significant and underlined, The highranking trips of the two countries' official are going on to the capitals, since last year, President Hassan Rouhani traveled to Ashgabat, and the Turkmen president will probably make a trip to Iran this year, which the preparations are underway.

Iranian ambassador pointed to Iran's ability in agriculture as another gateway to the two countries' joint economic cooperation and said, Since Turkmenistan has no problems with water, Iran can involve in the field of ultra territorial cultivation due to water problems in the country. Therefore, we should first try to rebuild confidence through removing gas financial problem, so that the infrastructure of these partnerships is better provided.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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