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Turks protest against referendum result in Istanbul

Chanting anti-Erdogan slogans during Saturday's march, the protesters vowed to stay on the streets until the referendum's result is annulled.

They carried banners reading, No to one-man rule, Referendum should be annulled and "No. We won!" A demonstrator held up a cartoon of Erdogan reading, They don't let me be the president.

"There is hatred and anxiety around us. We are going in the direction opposite to one we should be going. I am trying to make myself heard as this is the only thing I can do," said protester Aysu Kaya.

In the April 16 referendum, Erdogan's 'Yes' campaign won 51.36 percent of the votes, while the 'No' campaign gained 48.64 percent. Turkey's three largest cities � Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir � voted against the constitutional reforms.

Erdogan declared victory in the vote, but opponents said the referendum was deeply flawed.

On Friday, Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) filed a court appeal against a decision by electoral authorities to accept unstamped ballot papers in the tightly contested vote.

Source: Al Alam

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