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Two destroyers to join Iran’s Navy: Cmdr

Abadan, Commander of the Iranian Navy announced that two destroyers Damavand and Dena will soon join the country's naval fleet.

Speaking on the sidelines of an inaugural ceremony of Exhibition on Navy's Achievements held in Khorramshahr base on Sunday, Rear Admiral Hussein Khanzadi said that construction operation for structure and surface structure of Damavand destroyer has been completed by the Northern Fleet and that the destroyer was in the stage of being equipped for operation.

He said that immediately after that, Dena destroyer will join the South Naval Fleet, and the first generation of the Mirshekar destroyer in Saba-class will also join the navy's fleet in Bandar Abbas.

The military top official also pointed to the high capacity created in the country in the field of the construction of indigenous military equipment in the Navy, saying that a wide range of indigenous military equipment constructed by the Islamic Republic of Iran will join the Navy next Iranian year (will start on March 21).

The cost of manufacturing military equipment in the country, including manufacture of battleships, is much lower than the money paid for purchasing a foreign flotilla, the military official said.

Admiral Khanzadi said that in addition to producing indigenous military equipment in the country, in order to maintain the readiness of the forces, naval exercises are slated to be carried out, including joint exercises and performing hybrid exercises with some friendly countries in the region, especially in the Indian Ocean and in the Caspian Sea.

Referring to the security of the seas, he said, 'The Iranian Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with its roundabout presence on the seas under the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the adjacent seas, has created a very stable security in these areas.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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