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Two killed in attack on security checkpoint in Saudi Arabia’s Qassim: Interior ministry

A Bangladeshi resident and a member of Saudi Arabia's security forces have been killed in an attack on a security checkpoint in the town of Buraydah in the Qassim province, north of the capital Riyadh.

"A security checkpoint on the Buraydah-Tarfiyah road in Qassim region came under fire from three terrorists riding in a vehicle on Sunday afternoon," said a statement released by the kingdom's interior ministry on Sunday.

"Two of the terrorists were killed and a third was wounded and transferred to hospital," it added.

Three terrorists opened fire on the security checkpoint located at Buraidah-Tarafiya road in Al-Qassim. The security forces fired back, killing two terrorists, and wounding the third, said a statement published by the state news agency SPA.

The statement noted that Sergeant Suleiman Abdelaziz Abdel Latif was killed in the incident, and that an investigation into the incident has been launched.

According to the statement, any follow-up or developments will be announced in due course.

Source: Press TV

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