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Two-state solution used as “smokescreen” to fake concern for Palestinians’ rights: Member of the European Parliament

Tehran, IRNA – Irish politician and Member of the European ParliamentmMick Wallace, said that the two-state solution has been killed by “Apartheid” Israel.

Mick Wallace, a member of the European Parliament from Ireland for the South constituency wrote, “[The two-state solution] has been used as a smokescreen to pretend concern for the Rights of #Palestinians while leaving Israelis to pursue their Genocide.”

“Who is going to make them respect the 1967 lines? No one lifted a finger while they evicted Palestinians from their homes and lands, illegally annexed territory and built countless illegal settlements. Why should Palestinians accept the terms of a deal that they know from bitter experience the other side is incapable of honouring?” Member of the European Parliament from Ireland for the South constituency added.

“Three decades, we have talked about this proposal as it becomes more of a fantasy,” he said, adding, “while the Palestinians suffer the brutal grinding reality of apartheid.”

“If this is all we have to offer, then the Palestinians are better-off pursuing their right to resist the colonization of their lands, to fight for self-determination, independence and the right of return for the all Palestinian refugees, to fight for human rights and freedom.”



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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