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UK antiwar coalition terms seizing Iran oil tanker as piracy

London, The Stop the War Coalition in a statement described seizure of the Grace 1 supertanker carrying Iranian oil as act of piracy.

This can hardly have been a legal act, since the EU sanctions apply to the 28 memberstates and cannot apply to Iran which is manifestly not a member of the EU, the statement reads.

It added: It was an act of piracy which Britain carried out to please John Bolton, Trump's hawkish neocon National Security Adviser, who has long wanted war with Iran.

The body warned that supposed solutions to this situation, including further sanctions on Iran or more military convoys in the Strait of Hormuz, are only likely to make the situation worse.

It accused the US of escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf, saying: It bears responsibility for the last year of rising tensions, following its withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and its imposition of draconian sanctions which are hitting Iranian people very hard.

Trump is trying to destroy Iran's economy and oil industry in order to achieve regime change, the UK body reiterated.

Earlier on Monday, Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiei said The UKflagged tanker Stena Impero has been seized in the Strait of Hurmuz by Iranian coastguards not for retaliation.

When the good faith in bilateral relations is undermined, the UK cannot expect their #illegal_actions in #Strait_of_Hormuz to be construed optimistically, Rabiei said on his official Twitter account on Monday.

We hope Britain would restore the trust in IranUK ties.

A senior Iranian Ports and Maritime Department official said on Saturday that the UK oil tanker was seized for violation of the International Law of the Sea and ignoring the principle of passage without causing damage to the environment.

The British vessel hit a trawler, which needs to be investigated, said the DirectorGeneral of the Ports and Maritime Department of Hormuzgan province Allahmorad Afifipour.

Grace 1, a supertanker carrying Iranian oil, was seized earlier this month by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar on suspicion of violating sanctions on Syria.

The seizure of tanker carrying Iranian oil drew strong reaction from the Iranian officials.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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