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UK conservatives’ backing Trump, MKO terrorists ‘shameful’: western media

Tehran, The backing inside the Tory party for the MKO once on the US' terrorist list, is a sign of a party that has taken leave of its senses, wrote Middle East Eye.

'Last week [UK Prime Minister] Theresa May was dealt a devastating blow to her authority after several Tory MPs defied her by going to Paris for a meeting designed to promote regime change inside Iran,' Middle East Eye wrote on its website.

'This event is the latest sign that the prime minister and her foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, are facing a mutiny over Iran.'

Now there are some questions: Who let the parliamentarians take part in the conference in Paris? Why do the incumbent officials of the UK, as a signatory of Iran nuclear deal, are taking actions against another signatory of the same deal? Do they really think the MKO terrorists, who have assassinated 17,000 Iranians have legitimacy in Iran?

None of the mentioned questions have been answered.

Regarding US President Donald Trump's attempts to destabilize Iran through sanctions, the article added, 'Some observers believe the conduct of the US is very similar to the CIA destabilization campaign aimed at (former) Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953.'

Middle East Eye wrote, 'Ominously, last year's chief speaker at the Paris conference was John Bolton, one of the most eloquent advocates of the Iraq invasion, who has now become Trump's national security adviser. This means that Trump has decided to repeat � in a larger and more dangerous country � all the errors of American policy in Afghanistan and Iraq.'

Trump 'intends to hand over Iran to politicians with no democratic legitimacy � and no more loyalty to the United States and Western values than America's former proteges, the Taliban and al-Qaeda. British MPs should be ashamed of helping him.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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