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UN angry again with Saudi bombardment of Yemen

New York, Aug 9, The spokesman of the United Nations Secretary-General, reacting to Saudis' killing of Yemeni civilians in bombardments and the Red Cross report, said that the UN Secretary-General has repeatedly expressed his anger with the air raids in Yemen.

Referring to the number of the civilians killed in the Saudi attacks, Stephane Dujarric said that there is no official in the UN that is not furious at the killing the civilians, adding that the previous week UN officials had expressed their worry at the killing of civilians and kids in Yemen.

United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen IsmaA�l Ould Cheikh Ahmed has repeatedly showed his anger and hatred of the killings when reporting to the UNSC, Dujarric said.

Nonetheless, and despite the Red Cross horrific report, UN sectary-general has not condemned Riyadh and the anti-Yemeni coalition.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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