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UN Chief calls for easing Rohingya Muslims suffering

Tehran, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres in a message called for alleviating the suffering of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

'I cannot forget the stories I heard from Rohingya refugees. One father broke down as he told me how his son was shot dead in front of him. We will never give up on our work to alleviate their suffering and end this tragedy. My call to the Security Council,' Guterres wrote in his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in another development, the UN Chief's website quoted Guterres as saying, 'I ask members of the Security Council to join me in urging the Myanmar authorities to cooperate with the United Nations, and to ensure immediate, unimpeded and effective access for its agencies and partners. We must also continue to press for the release of journalists who have been arrested for reporting on this human tragedy'.

'The international humanitarian appeal for the Rohingya crisis remains significantly underfunded at 33 per cent,' he added.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi also earlier condemned brutal crimes by military forces against Muslims in Myanmar.

'During the three previous decades, Iran has continuously protested against politicization and discriminatory approach taken by the United Nations General Assembly, Qasemi said.

Despite the fact that human rights resolutions have always received negative vote by Iran, but due to the depth of the crimes in Myanmar Iran slammed the Myanmar moves and stressed on resolute support of Rohingya Muslims, he noted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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