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UN chief expresses concern over rising tensions in Persian Gulf

Tehran, UN SecretaryGeneral Antonio Guterres has repeatedly called on all involved parties to refrain from any actions that may lead to the escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf.

Speaking at UN Headquarters, Guterres noted that I am worried about the rising tensions in the Persian Gulf.

The UN secretarygeneral underlined that a minor miscalculation could lead to a major confrontation, according a statement by the United Nations Information Center in Tehran on Saturday.

He further highlighted the need to respect the rights and duties relating to navigation through the Strait of Hormuz and its adjacent waters in accordance with international law.

When I ask for maximum restraint, I ask for maximum restraint at all levels.

Speaking about the situation across the globe, the UN Secretary General has previously gone on to say unfortunately, multilateral efforts are under immense stress. Globally, this is a time of multiplying conflicts, advancing climate change, deepening inequality and rising tensions over trade.

UN Secretary General in another part of his remarks underscored that there is anxiety, uncertainty and unpredictability across the world. Trust is on the decline, within and among nations. Key assumptions have been upended, key endeavors undermined, and key institutions undercut.

It often seems that more global the threat, the less able we are to cooperate. This is very dangerous in the face of today's challenges, for which global approaches are essential. In this difficult context, we need to inspire a return to international cooperation, Guterres made the remark.

The UN Resident Coordinator's Office in the Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates the comments made by the SecretaryGeneral.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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