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UN officials urged to apologize for defending terrorism

Tehran, The Human Rights Headquarters of Iranian Judiciary in a statement called on UN officials and international human rights institutes that have been used as tool to defend terrorism and support perpetrators of terrorist acts, to apologize.

In a statement condemning the terror attack on a military parade in Ahvaz held to mark the anniversary of an 8-year war imposed on Iran, the headquarters called on all human rights institutions and authorities of countries dealing with the issue of terrorism to adopt a fair and decisive stand on the issue.

Human Rights Headquarters of the Judiciary stated, 'The perpetrators of the terrorist incident, which, according to information received to date, killed 26 people including women and children and wounded 60 others were unfortunately connected with and supported by the false and hypocrites advocates of human rights.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the most successful countries in the fight against terrorism, and expects all human rights institutions and political authorities to deal with the issue of terrorism seriously and without any discrimination,' the statement read.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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