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UN prioritizing particle pollution control in Ahvaz: Official

He made the remarks in a conference dubbed as; 'combating sand and dust in Ahvaz' on Tuesday.

'I was so interested to travel to Iran and witness the phenomenon by myself,' Solheim said.

He added that combating sand and dust needs three stages in plan of action.

The first priority is to decrease sand and dust in Ahvaz and as first strategy in this concern measures should be done in Ahvaz like reviving wetlands and lakes and developing green area.

He underlined that Iran should make itself strong in combating particle pollution and then transfer its experiences to the neighboring states.

The second stage to confront sand and dust is holding negotiations with neighboring states, including Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and in the third stage should use abilities of the UN and its experts and global experiences to control the phenomenon.

Solheim said sand and dust is a global issue and countries like China and African states are facing such problems.

Solheim, who is head of the UN Environment Program (UNEP) also acknowledged about establishment of world center for particle pollution, and said that possibly Iran would be the axis of the center.

China has experiences in this concern as well.

He expressed the hope that these measures and moves may reduce sand and dust problem on the earth.

The first UN conference on combating sand and dust started in Tehran on July 3 and is still underway.

Vice-President and Head of Department of Environment (DoE) Masoumeh Ebtekar accompany with Executive Director of the UNEP Eric Solheim and the UN residing representative in Iran Gary Lewis arrived in Ahvaz on Tuesday morning to visit wetlands and dust centers in Khuzestan province.

Around 30 guests of the conference are also accompanying Ebtekar in this trip.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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