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UN should make move to support kids in ME: Iran official

Tehran, The children of the Middle East are victims of war, violence, and state terrorism, and it is necessary that the UN take an immediate action to end the situation, said the Deputy Minister of Justice and Secretary of Iran's National Convention on the Rights of the Child in Malta on Saturday.

'Millions of children in Yemen, Palestine, and Afghanistan are victims of war, genocide, and state terrorism and the UN should do its humanitarian duties,' said Mahmoud Abbasi in a meeting with Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG) Marta Santos Pais.

Abbasi attended the High Level Global Conference on the Universal Prohibition of Corporate Punishment at the invitation of Maltese Minster of Family and Children's Rights Michael Falzon.

Saying that Iran welcomes any actions taken to end violence against children and promoting their rights, Abbasi added, 'The deadly silence of the international communities on the plights of oppressed children of Yemen who are victims of Saudi-led war, bloodshed and genocide is not acceptable.'

Cholera and famine threatens children in the hot season, and the Un should make a move, said Abbasi.

He also said that indexes of children's rights in Iran are growing, and Iran is passing a comprehensive bill in Majlis, the Iranian Parliament, on children's rights to further improve the situation.

Santos Pais expressed her content with Iran's improvements and said the UN was ready to help Iran with the issue.

A copy of the book 'Comparative Study of Children's Right in Islam and International Documents' was given to Santos Pais, which was highly welcomed.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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