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UNICEF hails Iran progress under tough sanctions

Tehran, UNICEF Representative in Iran Will Parks said on Sunday that despite of economic sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran has gained remarkable progress in various fields including health sector.

Addressing the regional meeting on health and nutrition in the Middle East and North Africa in Tehran, Parks said UNICEF and Iran are after establishing multilateral cooperation.

He added that UNICEF will offer packages to help vulnerable groups in sanctions era.

He went on to say that UNICEF has had various programs with Iran Health Ministry like strategic program for protecting babies, health sector, prevention of noncommunicable disease in teenagers, paying attention to food and supplying vitamin D and folic acid.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Parks referred to seven decades of cooperation between UNICEF and Iran in vaccination field.

He went on to say that UNICEF is to help Iran's Health Ministry in broadening technological cooperation.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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