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Unilateral sanctions on Iran in violation of nuclear deal: Russia

Tehran, Imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran is against the international nuclear deal, a special envoy of Russia said on Thursday adding that the stance has been emphasized by President Vladimir Putin in talks with his American counterpart.

Russia's special presidential envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev made the remarks in a meeting with Deputy Secretary of Iran's National Security Council, Saeid Iravani, in Tehran.

In the meeting, he also presented an elaborated report on what has gone in the recent talks between Putin and Donald Trump in Finland.

Russia remains committed to supporting international agreements and stresses that countries should avoid unilateralism and resorting to economic and trade means for imposing their political will on other countries, Lavrentiev said.

He also said that President Putin has emphasized the counterproductive and harmful nature of such measures in his talks with President Trump.

The Russian envoy also expressed hope that with the persistence in dialogues among China, Russia and the European countries with the US, Washington changes its unilateralist approach, and the agreements become the basis of actions.

Lavrentiev stressed that the determination and will of the Russian government have not been affected whatsoever, on continuing political, security cooperation between Tehran and Moscow on Syria.

He expressed hope that the process to be continued until full establishment of stability and security in Syria.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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