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University Professor stresses prosperous Afghanistan in Iran’s interest

Tehran Professor of Regional Studies at the University of Tehran expressed hope that with greater speed and wider developments, the process of progress in Afghanistan will continue to engage more broadly with Iran because a prosperous and advanced Afghanistan is in Iran's benefit.

Addressing the meeting of 100 years of Iran-Afghanistan relations in the light of regional developments held at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Tehran University on Tuesday evening, Elaheh Koulaei added that Iran-Afghanistan relations are more than bilateral relations and have regional and international dimensions.

"We have wide and varied links with the countries of Central Asia, especially Afghanistan, which can pave the way for the promotion of relations between the two countries," she added.

The professor underscored that the presence of the Red Army in Afghanistan - which coincided with the victory of the Islamic Revolution - has enhanced the close ties between the two countries and the presence of millions of Afghan citizens in Iran, noting that geographical, historical, and cultural links between the two countries have manifested the ties between two countries.

University of Tehran regional studies professor stressed that the developments of 9/11 and geographical, historical and cultural ties have brought the two countries closer together, stating that these issues could be behind the increase of interest for two countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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