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UN’s role in helping Iraq commendable: Iranian official

Tehran, Special Assistant to Speaker and Director General of International Affairs of Iran's Parliament Hossein Amir Abollahian said that the role of the UN Secretary-General in assisting Iraq is commendable.

'We hope that as soon as possible, the Iraqi parliament and its leaders come to an agreement to establish a new government and contribute to the security and the welfare of the people,' Amir Abdollahian said.

'Iran and Iraq will not allow the United States to affect the privileged relations of the two countries', he added in a meeting with the United Nations Representative for Iraq Yan Kubish explaining the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding Iraq.

Referring to the success of Iraq in combating terrorism and the political process, he continued, 'The political and religious leaders of Iraq and its people successfully cooperated in combating terrorism and strengthening the political process and prominent democracy.'

The Special Assistant to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament also added that, in light of the measures of some of the countries in the region and the United States in the new developments in Iraq, Iraq today needs to focus more on national unity and consensus.

He added that Saudi Arabia should respect the Iraqi people's opinion and become a constructive neighbor for the Iraqi people.

'I am grateful to the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in helping combat terrorism in Iraq,' said United Nations representative for Iraq Ian Kubish, adding that the UN supports the unity, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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