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UNSC session on Syria delayed again

New York, The United Nations Security Council session on Syria which had been postponed to Friday was delayed again.

The meeting was supposed to be held on Friday morning (local time) but due to some disagreements was delayed.

The disagreement is reportedly on the way to create safe zones for transporting aids to people in Eastern Ghouta, the way to confront Daesh, Al-Qaeda, and making implementation of truce guaranteed.

Kuwait, Sweden and France have presented a draft resolution in which they demanded a 30-day truce all over Syria.

The Russian representative to te UN Vasily Nebenzya presented a new draft resolution to prepare the grounds for delivering humanitarian aids and medical services.

While Sweden and Kuwait were quite aware of the fact that there is no agreement, they presented the 30-day truce, Nebenzya said.

Members of UNSC postponed today's session to prevent Russian veto.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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