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Unveiling Persian translation of prominent Malay book

Kuala Lumpur, The Persian translation of a distinguished Malay mystic's work was unveiled in Kuala Lumpur by the Iranian cultural attache in Malaysia within the framework of expansion of cultural cooperation between Iran and Malaysia.

The Iranian cultural attache to Malaysia and the Malaysian National Institute of Translation closely worked to publish the translation of the book Asrar al-'Arifin.

Amirhossein Zekrgou and Leila Mohajer translated this book from Malay to Persian which was released by Miras-e-Maktoub publications.

Iranian cultural attache Alimohammad Sabeghi and Malaysian deputy minister of federal affairs Datuk Shahruddin Mohammad Saleh attended the unveiling ceremony as well as a group of Persian and Malay thinkers.

Asrar al-'Arifin is an old book in Malay literature and is written by Hamzeh Fansuri in Jaw, an alphabet similar to arabic which is adapted to write Malay.

Hamzeh Fansuri was born in the 16th century in Fansur located in NW Sumatra. He is the first known Malay Sufi scholar to publish his ideas and books about mystical panentheistim.

His ideas are derived from the thoughts of Ibn Arabi's works. Fansuri is also the first and the greatest Sufi poet of the Malay language.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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