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US accuses others to solve internal problems

Moscow, A senior Russian official considered the statements of US officials about engagement of other countries in the US internal affairs as a way to resolve domestic problems in the United States and bring people together with the decisions of the country's leaders.

Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russia's Federation Council Konstantin Kasachov noted that the rigorous statements by Republican and Democratic Party officials are linked to the country's electoral campaign, and has become a tool for further success in the election.

Referring to Bolton's recent remarks on the involvement of other states in the internal affairs of the United States, he said, 'The US officials are pursuing the policy of keeping the people of the country afraid and worried about the possibility of foreign interference in their country's affairs.'

Stating that Republican and Democratic MPs in the US Congress vote against China, Iran ,North Korea and Russia, Kacachov added, 'The goal of the US officials is to merely solve domestic problems and win their party in the upcoming elections, and they want the American people Support a coherent system that costs more than the military budgets of the sum of 20 countries.

The United States has accused Russia of interfering in its presidential election two years ago, an issue that Russia has repeatedly rejected and called for the presentation of documents in this regard.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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