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US antiIRGC decision out of desperation

Tehran, Iran's Expediency Council in a statement on Wednesday condemned the US decision to blacklist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), saying that the move is a sign of the desperation of the US and the criminal Zionist regime.

Unwise measures by Trump such as relocating Zionist regime's capital to Beit ulMoqaddas and designating IRGC as terrorist are sign of US arrogant policies' downfall, it said.

The statement said it was only normal for a country whose terrorist army carries out military operation anywhere in the world to get to its inhuman interests which are against the international regulations to try to lable the IRGC that is forerunner in fighting terrorism and assisting regional states in uprooting Daesh.

IRGC is the product of Iranian nation's revolutionary ideals and a symbol of freedomseeking spirit of the oppressed people across the world, the statement said, noting that it will support IRGC's presence in all fields including defending the Islamic country and rendering help to the Iranian nation in various situations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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